A glimpse at the latest kitchen design trends for 2020 and beyond

Trends tend to come and go in kitchen design and there are always a lot of new options to consider when planning your new kitchen. As exciting as this is it is always wise to consider whether what is trending will actually function in your kitchen and for your lifestyle and stand the test of time as the years go by.

Environment, ergonomics and minimalism

For some time now the main trends in kitchen design have remained unchanged – they gravitate towards environmentally friendly materials that combine practicality and comfort.

The trends for 2020 continue in this vein, it’s all about environmental friendliness, ergonomics, functionality and minimalism.

Colours and finishes

Shaker or flat style doors move through the years with greater ease than more decorative styles.  White kitchens remain popular although the trend is to incorporate colour tones that remind us of nature. Browns, greys, beiges and pastel colours will be very much on-trend.

Painted or natural wood will be featured, as will natural stone finishes such as marble, quartz, porcelain and any material that is reminiscent of nature.

Pastel color kitchen

Pastel colours

Natural stone kitchen countertops

Natural stone finishes

Innovative storage and integrated appliances

Kitchens with clean and modern lines continue to be popular. The trend is a balance between enclosed storage for everyday essentials and open or floating shelves, which are an attractive and functional feature.  Roller shutter door cabinets and appliance garages hide clutter while integrated appliances give the kitchen a seamless look. Handles are discreet or even completely concealed with integrated finger grip or push to open mechanisms.

Kitchen backsplashes make a statement with tall glass, stone, tile or mirror cladding. Stone counters and cladding extends to waterfall cladding of islands.

Washing machine and stove integrated into kitchen design

Integrated dishwasher

Kitchen lighting

Lighting is also becoming increasingly important because modern LED lighting concepts can do wonders in the kitchen. Statement hanging pendants are useful for denoting different areas within an open-plan space. Ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting bring the kitchen to life.

​The possibilities are almost limitless when designing your new kitchen and it has never been easier to renovate your kitchen to reflect your style without breaking the budget!

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